MUCI S_salmon


A normal throw pillow size for your sofa to get a fancy designer home look.
Ideal for teens or children or any young spirited adult.
Soothes menstruation pain with wool’s natural warming ability.

Supports your back used as a pillow, it gives such a wonderful warmthness!

Material: outside: 60% wool + 40% viscose felt, 100% wool stuffing inside.
Color: body: salmon, feet: yellow, orange.
Size: 36x40x16 cm
Weight: 0,8 kg.
Maintenance: wool is naturally stain and odor resistant so no special cleaning necessary. The surface can be fluffy from time-to-time, which is natural to wool felt, you may shave it if you don’t like it.
Do you have hyper sensitive skin? This pillow is combined with viscose so it is softer to touch compared to 100% wool.


Shipping: to Hungary 7 €, to EU 32 €, to USA 53 €. Want a Muci in another country? Please contact for shipping prices.

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Please allow maximum 2 months for manufacturing with care and love.



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