Hello, I am Anita, a graphic and product designer on a mission to make you happy. This is why I designed eco-friendly shape pillows from 100% wool. This material has a close friendship with humans from the beginning of times and its warmth inspired me to make big size hugging pillows. Sheep are quite big hugging creatures emanating calmness.

HUGGING IS THERAPY, we all know that.

These pillows become our best buddies at home. Their shapes are drawn from our common subconscious with open ending meanings infused with a dose of lightness and ease.

A friend who always woke up during nights said:
I could sleep through the whole night being near to Muci.”
(Györgyi Jacsó)

Another breaking joy:
Your hugging pillows made us sooo happy!!!!”
(Maria Jürimae)

These organic shape pillows are loving friends for a lifetime and give playfulness to your home! Do you want them to go home with you? Check them out in the shop.

Anita Nyirő